Complete His Man Cave: The Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

So, a friend or family member finally has a place of his own. Whether he plans to throw a housewarming party or is just told you about his new home, surely, he needs a few things to spruce up his man cave. But it begs the question: what are the best housewarming gifts for men?

The answer depends on the recipient: his style, tastes, type of home (does he live in a house or an apartment?) and more. It sounds easy but thoughtful consideration can make practical housewarming gifts more special.

A Note Before You Start Shopping

Whether you’re shopping for home essentials or a housewarming gift basket, you want your present to be something useful. Candles, utensils, plates and kitchen staples are always the safest bets to give your host.

But if you want to ditch traditional housewarming gifts, you have the liberty to be creative. Align with his interests (there are many options for TV fans, sports lovers, musicians, movie fans, aspiring home chefs and even craft beer fans!). You can also give him something stylish that he’ll enjoy decking his apartment with.

With that said, here’s a list that can narrow down your selection of housewarming gifts for the impossible man.

What’s a Good Housewarming Gift for a Guy?

wooden crate with small jars

Wine Opener Gift Set

Start if off with a gift meant for his relaxation. A man who enjoys his wine should serve his drink with style. A deluxe wine toolset often comes with a corkscrew opener, wine stopper, pourer/stopper, a drip ring and even a thermometer.

When shopping for a wine opener gift set, look for ones that are made from high-grade stainless steel. Bonus points if you score a set that features a chrome finish and comes in a sharp-looking gift box.

Mini Charging Station

A charging station is the perfect housewarming gift for men-on-the-go or those who use their gadgets 24/7. Apart from keeping his gadgets’ batter levels always on 100 percent, a station can keep his space organized and tidy, since he doesn’t have to deal with leaving a million cords around the house.

Leather Drink Coaster

Is he a fancy drinker who loves holding a glass of whiskey every now and then? Complement his drinking habits with a bonded leather drink coaster. Shop for coasters that offer surface protection and slip resistance. Leather coasters are also perfect for any glass, cup or mug.

Wet Shave Kit

Lumberjack beards might be a current trend, but there are days when a clean-shaven appearance is the look of the season. Complete the host’s styling essentials by gifting him with a complete wet shave kit. Most kits come with a safety razor, razor blades, stainless steel shave bowl, hairbrush and soap.


What’s a good yet inexpensive housewarming gift for men?

accessories for men

Lawn and Leaf Garbage Bags

It might seem like a ‘Why would I do that’ gift, but these bags are very practical. For example, if the host’s new home comes with a garden, he’ll surely need plenty of garbage bags during the cleaning season.

Indoor Security Camera

Help your family member or friend strengthen the security of their new place with an indoor security camera. Before you buy a camera, always check the specs. The best cameras provide 24/7 live video coverage in high-definition. Most cameras also come with night vision capabilities, as well as microphones and a built-in speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker

For the man who loves blasting music on high volumes or dancing around his apartment, this is the perfect gift for him. Bluetooth speakers are compact players that have a range of 100 feet. Most speakers also offer wireless streaming that connects to Spotify, Pandora and more. Your loved one can blast music no matter where they are in their home.

A Bonsai Tree

Indoor plants can add a sense of calm to any home. Give the host a piece of serenity by gifting him a bonsai tree. Most bonsai trees measure up to eight inches in height, making them ideal for small spaces like a shelf, the bathroom or the home office.

Amazon Gift Card

For the man who nobody can figure out, Amazon can. The Amazon Gift Card is the best housewarming gift for any type of guy. This card ships free with no additional fees or expiration date. It also comes in boxes of different colors! If you want to give him a sophisticated-looking present, buy an Amazon Gift Card that comes in a fancy black box.

His choices are endless with the Amazon Gift Card. He can buy DVDs, CDs, personal products — anything!


A man’s new home calls for a few essentials provided for him by his family and friends. Shop for the items listed above so you can present him with the perfect housewarming gift.


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