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Thuja Green Giant: Everything You Need to Know About this Gentle Giant

Tall and narrow, the Thuja Green Giant stands majestically in almost any setting it is planted on — whether amid glossy and green foliage or greenery near your home. Fast-growing, this gentle green giant can grow up to 5 ft. annually (150 cm), with a maximum height of 60 ft. Forming an eye-catching exclamation point in any landscape, the Thuja Green Giant arborvitae is a wonderful plant specimen ideal for hedges or screens.

If you are interested in cultivating this coniferous green giant Thuja or just wish to learn more about it, here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Thuja Green Giant: Origin, Growth and More

Full-grown Thuja

  • Where did the Thuja Green Giant originate? This evergreen tree is the product of crossing two kinds of Thuja trees. These are the Japanese thuja (Thuja standishii) and the western red cedar (Thuja plicata), which is native to the northwestern area of the US.
    It is believed that the Thuja Green Giant was created in Denmark during the 1960s. According to researchers, the first plant arrived in America in 1967. From then on, the same plant was planted and propagated throughout the eastern part of the country. Now, the Thuja Green Giant is a popular plant known for its attractiveness and how easy it is to grow.
  • How tall can the Thuja Green Giant grow? This green giant grows up to 40 to 60 ft. tall (12 to 18m. If you want to create a privacy hedge or screen in a short space of time, this tree is perfect. But you’ll have to provide plenty of growing room to accommodate its size. In terms of width, it can expand up to 12 to 18 ft. wide. Pruning keeps the plant more compact.
  • How long does it take for a Thuja Green Giant to become established? Normally, these trees can grow up to three to five feet a year.
  • How long do Thuja Green Giants live? On average, the life span of the Thuja Green Giant is 40 years, as long as it is regularly tended to and it remains growing in ideal conditions.
  • What are the defining qualities of Thuja Evergreens? This gorgeous green giant is notable for its flattened sprays of scale-like leaves. During the colder seasons, the plant’s bright green foliage darkens a little. Unlike its cousin, the Oriental arborvitae, it never looks bronze.
    The Thuja Green Giant’s foliage overlaps each other heavily, which gives the tree an almost solid look. The tree’s dense nature makes it the perfect place for small birds and other wildlife to consider it as their home, especially since it can keep its foliage during the winter months. The Thuja Green Giant also produces seeds, which serve as food for the animals.


Care and Growing for the Thuja Green Giant


  • How often should I water my Thuja Green Giant? Water it every day for its first two to three months until the plant fully matures. These trees need plenty of water when they are young but they will not thrive if the soil is waterlogged. As the plant reaches maturity, it can easily cope with rainwater only, though it will not thrive in dry conditions. In case of long periods of drought, supplement the tree with water.
  • What type of soil do you need for the Thuja Green Giant? The green Thuja Giant can grow in a variety of soil types. They can also grow in clay soils, which isn’t always an option for most plants.
    If you want the tree to grow better, however, plant it in fertile and loamy soil to keep it moist. Deep soils are also good for the Thuja Green Giant since it offers more space for the roots to spread far. This tree does not grow well in wet soils, so if your soil doesn’t drain well, add some organic compost or sand to improve drainage.
  • How much sunlight does the Thuja Green Giant need? This tree thrives in full sunlight. At least four hours of direct sunlight is enough to keep this tree in good condition. The Thuja Green Giant, however, is not a big fan of high temperatures.
    During hot summer months, it needs shade from the heat. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sun, grow your trees in partial shade. On the other hand, if you live in a cool climate, position your tree where it can receive full sunlight.


This gentle green giant is a lovely addition to any large space. If you want to start growing a Thuja Green Giant, keep the information above in mind and watch your gentle green giant thrive.


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