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Spice Up Your Space: Converting Different Spots in Your Home into Play Areas

It’s been more than a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With about 175.5 million people fully vaccinated in the US by early September, it is still uncertain when things are going back to normal. The end of the pandemic is still far from over, but the stress and anxiety have taken a toll not only on the health of adults but also on kids, which is why parents are encouraged to be more creative in keeping the kids at home.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Kids

Studies show that the lockdown implemented has a greater impact on children than adults. Surveys from parents show that kids were upset and afraid. They also suffered from poor appetite, interrupted sleep, and bad dreams.

According to experts, children might be struggling with their mental health if they experience:

  • excessive mood swings,
  • headaches or stomachaches because of anxiety,
  • nightmares or lack of sleep,
  • poor appetite,
  • loss of interest in doing activities or interacting with friends, and/or
  • irritability.

This should not be a cause of alarm to parents, though. Experts note that parents should only worry if these signs are already affecting the kids’ daily activities. Regular mood swings, fear, and clinginess might be normal due to the situation of the pandemic.

Space Matters

How you manage your space is where your creativity comes in. If you are one of those who have tried every item on the “things to do with Kids during quarantine” list, you are not alone. Keep a schedule. Keep them busy. Create art. Do craft. Play in the garden. Bake. Buy them indoor toys. Dedicate screen time—as many have said.

While all these might be enjoyable, your kids might eventually find these activities boring because of one thing: They’re doing the same thing in the same room.

Kids’ attention spans are very limited. They will easily get uninterested if they move around the same four corners of their playroom. To spice things up a little, why not reinvent some of your space at home and convert them into non-traditional play areas?

Here are some areas at home that you can reinvent:

1. Walk-in Closet

Set aside clothes for now and convert your walk-in closet into a colorful hide-and-seek area. If your walk-in closet is spacious enough, you might even design an escape room for your kids to enjoy. If your kids are into books, you might also try converting it into a mini library and stock up on their favorite fairy tales!

2. Storage Area

You might want to transfer your old stuff somewhere else and convert your storage area into a dance room. If your kids are into music, you might want to invest in some instruments and decorate the room with posters of their favorite bands. If they are artistic, let them splash some paint on the walls with their hands. It’s your storage area anyway, and they can be as messy and playful as they want!

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3. Bedroom

They’ve been stuck in their rooms for more than a year into the pandemic, and getting up from the same bed can be boring. Set aside the bed and encourage them to set up a tent! Turn off the lights and bring out your flashlight. Let them build forts with your old boxes and let them play around with pillow fights. Bring in some smores and popcorn, and let them enjoy the night!

4. Living Room

Do away with your formal sofa and start making little corners for your kids. You might want to place their cute little couch in one corner as their reading nook. You can transform that nook in your living room by the window into their drawing area so they can take a peek outside and get inspiration. You won’t be taking visitors in any way, so you might as well redesign it for your kids to play around!

But Don’t Forget the Basics!

You can be as creative as you can be in redesigning any part of your home, as long as it is suitable for kids to enjoy. If possible, the area should be well ventilated with proper air conditioning, as the weather can get too hot during summer. Just a reminder, though, that air conditioning units generate heat. Be sure to ask your air conditioning unit installer to install the unit so it diverts heat properly away from your room, so you and your kids stay cool all day long. Ideally, the unit you choose will come with deflectors.

We all want our kids to have fun even inside the house, especially in these trying times. Play, indeed, is an integral part of growing up, and not even the pandemic should take that away from our children.


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