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Having Dark Exteriors: How Are They Beneficial for Your Home?

Home trends may come and go, but there is one that does not normally come back in rotation every few years or so — the dark exterior trends. And it’s for a good reason. For the past few years, people have been really into the “light, bright, and airy” farmhouse trend where almost everything is painted white or a very light pastel—a trend that interior designers want to see gone this year.

People often see dark exteriors as more haunting and mysterious, giving off the vibe of boldness or even danger. But when done right, giving your home a darker exterior upgrade may present more pros than cons. Here are the benefits of painting your home’s exterior’s a deeper color palette.

Dark exteriors are timeless and look good with many architectural styles

Since the dark exterior trend evolved from 19th and 20th-century European architectural designs, dark colors can look good and complement various architectural styles. These deeper color palettes have a timeless nature that won’t make you feel the need to re-paint your home once every few years.

A darker color palette is more versatile for your residential property’s exteriors. It can bring a more classic look to modern homes and provide an unexpected historical twist on traditional styles. They are so versatile that they can complement whatever color you choose for your garage door paneling if it needs a replacement.

Dark exteriors are easier to maintain

Ask any homeowner whose walls—both on their exteriors and interiors—are white, and they would tell you how hard they are to maintain. You have to constantly check for stains and chippings, and you might have to re-paint the whole thing if your kids accidentally spill or throw eggs into the walls.

Darker exteriors are much more forgiving towards spills and damages since they can be easier to maintain and clean when done right. Darker colors can help hide dirt and strange architectural features that you would rather keep out of view from your guests.

Dark exteriors look good against greenery

If a large green landscape surrounds your home, you can be certain that your dark exteriors will look good against its environment. Green with black, dark gray, or navy provides a stunning contrast that lighter colors will never be able to give. Blue-green and yellow-green leaves look exceptional with a black facade or fence, and they can make your trees, plants, and shrubs look lusher. Your dark facade will help bring out your foliage’s beauty and vibrancy. If your yard boasts of colorful flowers and plants, then all the better.

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Dark exteriors add a unique edge to your home

Dark colors give off a more modern vibe. Even going for darker touches can already provide an ultra-contemporary feel to your exteriors. If you’re too afraid to commit to a fully black or navy exterior, even painting your trims, doors, or shutters a darker shade can be a good compromise. If you want to give your home a more masculine or industrial edge, a darker color is the way to go.

Darker exteriors add value to the property

If you see yourself selling the property one day, darker exteriors will add value to it, too, because a Zillow study from 2018 found that homes with a charcoal front or black doors sold for a few thousand dollars more than expected—$6,000, to be exact. That’s a worthy investment, especially if a gallon of paint only costs you about $50.

Darker exteriors work well with a variety of materials, textures, and styles

Having a canvas that’s primarily black or dark gray contrasts well with a variety of textures, materials, and hues. It can look good with exposed brick, glass, and even more vibrant colors. If you have an outdoor living space, you can also opt for brighter pieces of furniture to contrast with the walls, and it won’t look too imbalanced or strange. If you want to incorporate patterns to your throws, area rugs, and blankets, it can add a dash of youthfulness and whimsy to your outdoor living space, too.

Having a darker facade may seem like a big risk, but it’s an emerging trend in 2021. It is one that you cannot afford to ignore if you want your home to be ahead of the curve. Consult with your designer or contractor if darker exteriors work well with your home’s specific architectural design. This way, you know what you can adjust or remove to make the idea work. Don’t hesitate to experiment with making your home stand out in the neighborhood.


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