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Entice Guests to Dine Al Fresco in Your Restaurant This Winter

These days, people are freer to go out but still cannot be so sure about their health and safety. As they proceed with caution, they would much prefer to dine al fresco instead of indoors. With this rising trend in mind, here is how they could better accommodate diners and, in turn, revitalize their business especially during the tough winter season:


Your outdoor furniture and dining utensils will be more attractive to dust than those indoors. The key is to not wait for patrons to notice a film of dust sitting on them. And so, your cleaning personnel should wipe tables and chairs more frequently with a cloth dampened with a multipurpose cleaner.

Utensils, on the other hand, must be kept in their storage and brought out only when customers are ready to eat. As an additional precaution and to reassure them, you can sterilize the utensils in front of them by bringing a carrier with a freshly boiled kettle of water, a clean bowl carrying the utensils, a clean towel, and a pair of forceps. Then, pour the hot water into the bowl so that all the utensils are soaked.

Pick each utensil up and allow excess water to drip before placing each onto the clean towel. The utensils must, then, be handed to the guests by holding only the sides of the towel and placing it onto their table.

Air Quality

Winter air tends to be dry, which can be uncomfortable to breathe in. You can provide a humidifier specifically for use outdoors. Aside from helping create a toastier ambiance, a humidifier can also help weigh down viral particles, therefore, reducing chances of exposure to your guests.

Of course, you also have to keep your guests warm with the help of a high-quality commercial portable heater. Place it somewhere it can cover most of the alfresco dining area’s breadth, but make sure that the wires are away from walking paths. If the space is limited, make sure the wires are taped onto the floor to prevent people from tripping on them.

fancy restaurant


More or less, your indoor dining space has already been decorated the way you want it to be. This time, focus more on beautifying your outdoor dining space. You can achieve a sense of continuity from the way you styled indoors by placing similar elements like streamers, table toppers, and potted plants in your patio dining area.

Enhance the dining experience during dusk by illuminating the space with string lights or any other sources of soft light. Moreover, unless your curb space is public property, do not allow parking in front of your restaurant. That way, diners can observe far into their surroundings and can enjoy more the outdoors.

Insect Zapper

Although summer is long over, you can never be so sure that no insects will pester your guests during winter. There are insects like some types of bees and stoneflies that are active in colder seasons, too. That is why it would be wise to keep that insect zapper plugged in.

You can surround your patio with a mesh that can block insects from entering. But, this is up for your discretion as it could impede the view outside or ruin your desired vibe. If you do pursue such a plan, remember to keep it clean and presentable to the guests.


New variants of the virus, those faster at multiplying and lasts longer airborne, are being discovered. That said, you can never be too complacent and arrange your tables and chairs too close to each other, even those for your outdoor dining space. With 6 feet being declared unsafe a distance to keep with another person, it’s best to space your chairs more than the said distance.

Quick Bites

If we dissect the demographics of those who are reluctant to dine in public, we can say either they would rather have food delivered or dine in an outdoor setting. Somewhere in the middle are those who would love to grab a quick bite before after a grocery run, walking their pets, or working out. Sometimes, it is to briefly meet a friend.

You have to keep their needs in mind when enhancing the layout of your dining areas. You could allot a kennel and baggage counter. That way, your clients can dine in peace without worry about their pet or their shopping bags.

Businesses could learn more as we navigate this almost two years old pandemic. One of the most important lessons is placing client safety at the prime of serving them. Configuring our establishments to match the changing seasons makes this possible.


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