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“Small” Health Issues in Teens That Can Actually Be Bigger Problems

• Poor posture can lead to back and neck pain, headaches, and respiratory issues. Encourage teens to sit up straight.

• Crooked teeth can cause chewing, speaking, and gum disease-related issues. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary in some cases.

• Acne can lead to scarring and confidence issues. Skincare should be tailored based on the teen’s skin type.

• Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and kidney issues. Teens should drink plenty of water.

• Poor sleep habits can cause concentration, mood, and overall health issues. Encourage teens to stick to a regular sleeping routine.

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. When it comes to their health, it’s important to remember that even the smallest issues can sometimes lead to more significant problems. In this blog, you will learn about a few “small” health issues in teens that can actually be bigger problems. You’ll also learn essential tips on how parents can address these issues and prevent them from becoming a more significant concern.

Poor Posture


With all the time that teens spend looking down at screens or sitting at desks for extended periods, it’s possible to develop poor posture. However, poor posture can lead to back and neck pain, headaches, and even respiratory issues. Encourage your teen to sit up straight at their desk while using their phones or computers. They can also benefit from physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments to correct any issues.

Crooked Teeth

While it may seem like a cosmetic issue, crooked teeth can cause problems with chewing and speaking and even contribute to gum disease. If your teen has crooked teeth, it’s essential to address the concern early. In some cases, orthodontic treatment is necessary.

If you’re unsure if your teen needs orthodontic treatment or not, a consultation with a professional in orthodontics is the best way to determine the next steps. They can provide you with the best advice on how to address the concern. They may also be able to offer preventative measures, such as a mouthguard, to help protect the teeth from further damage.


Acne is a common issue for teens, but it can also lead to scarring and problems with confidence. If your child is experiencing acne, it’s essential to address it early. However, managing acne isn’t as easy as encouraging your teen to wash their face thoroughly. It all depends on their skin type. Here’s a quick guide:

Dry skin

If your teen has dry skin, they need to use gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators. They should also avoid harsh products that contain alcohol and powerful ingredients.

Oily skin

If your teen has oily skin, they need to use cleansers that are specifically designed for oily skin types. They should also be sure to exfoliate regularly and use oil-free moisturizers.

Sensitive skin

If your teen has sensitive skin, they need to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers that are specifically designed for sensitive skin types. They should also avoid fragrances and harsh ingredients.

Combination skin


If your teen has combination skin, they need to vary their skincare routine depending on the area of their face. For example, they should use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer for dry areas and an oil-free cleanser and moisturizer for oily areas.

It’s also essential to encourage your teen to wear sunscreen every day and limit their time in the sun. This can help prevent further damage from UV rays.


With all the activities and sports that teens are involved in, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and even kidney issues. Encourage your teen to carry a water bottle with them throughout the day and practice drinking water regularly. If they participate in sports or other physical activities, remind them to drink plenty of water before, during, and after their activity.

Poor Sleep Habits

Finally, poor sleep habits can cause issues with concentration, mood, and overall health. Teenagers require around 8-9 hours of sleep each night, but many struggle to get that much. Encourage your teen to stick to a regular sleep routine and limit screen time before bed. If your teen is still struggling to get a good night’s sleep, you can consult with their pediatrician to determine if there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.

As a parent, it’s essential to recognize the “small” health issues in teens that can turn into more significant problems. Poor posture, crooked teeth, acne, dehydration, and poor sleep habits are all potential concerns.

By encouraging healthy practices such as sitting up straight at desks or carrying water bottles throughout the day and limiting screen time before bedtime, your teen will be on their way to better overall health. If you’re unsure if any of these issues need further medical attention or intervention from an orthodontist or dermatologist, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with their doctor for more advice and guidance.


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