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How to Enjoy Your Vacation Without Worrying About Your House

If you have a few extra family members at home ready to support you during holidays, things are different. However, most people live in nuclear settings today. Many people go on a holiday but are always worried about their homes. You may be one of them.

No matter how long you are away from home, you must ensure to keep your home safe and secure. Take the help of technology to keep your home safe and sound while you are away. Many burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, and video monitoring systems are available today.

Read about the various precautions you can take and security installations that can help secure your home.

Install Home Security Systems

Installing home security systems can give you some respite when you are away. You can install false alarms, live video feed devices, and false lighting systems to secure your place. These systems consist of a control panel, sensors, wired or wireless security cameras, and alarm systems. Z-wave lights are available that you can easily control from the apps. Thus, brighten them or dim them according to the time of the day. This will misguide the burglars thinking that someone is there inside and refrain them from trespassing.

These parts are installed at several strategic points in and around the house. When security is breached, or the system feels an infiltration, then alarms automatically switch on. Most such systems depend on body scans, thermal imprints, and fingerprints. Thus, when the burglar’s features do not match with those of your family members, the alarm goes off. Many businesses are offering such security systems. For instance, you can try out the services provided by local security businesses like They are renowned for using the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of their automatic security systems.

Most systems, in your absence, are under the surveillance of a monitoring company. You would need battery backups to make these systems work. Wireless cellular technology is also used in various models in the absence of continuous power. In the event of an emergency, the monitoring company reports the matter to the police or emergency response team in the said area.

Ask a Neighbor to Keep Watch

Apart from installing security systems, you can also find a cheap way out. Some homes share a common backyard or a front porch. In these cases, you can ask your neighbor to keep a watch out for the trespassers on your property. You can trade places when it is their turn for a vacation. If your neighbor sees something suspicious, he may report the incident to the local police authorities. Moreover, you can develop mutual trust in this manner.

Install Special Vaults

If you are unsure of installing home security systems due to the high cost, then you can devise other ways. Create hidden chambers or vaults inside the house. Additionally, you can also equip them with number locks. Hide all your expensive jewelry and money inside these vaults. You can get more creative by constructing such vaults inside cupboards, below beds, and behind doors. They remain hidden from direct view. Kid’s rooms can also be a great place to hide your valuables. Burglars and thieves often overlook kids’ rooms.

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Do Not Leave That Spare Key Outside

If your neighbor is looking after your house interiors, then you need to keep a spare key for them. However, hiding one underneath the rug at the front door is an old trick. By now, most trespassers would have mastered that. Hence, you have to think of better ideas. The most common places that people use are under the rug, in the flower pot, or below the porch stairs. These places are not that secure any longer. You can make an extra key and hand it over to your trustworthy neighbor. That can set things straight.

Do Not Post Pictures on Social Media

Most millennials love to be active on social media. You will find people posting about every event of their lives on social media. It is a bad practice. You are opening the channels for crimes in this manner. If you are going on a holiday, you have to refrain from posting updates. You can enjoy your holiday and come back home and post about it. Mislead burglars and thieves in this manner. It is free.

Arrange for Lawn Care Experts

When you are away, you can get your gardens and lawns tended by professionals. Some of the most trusted names in your area can do the work for you. Most agencies recruit verified professionals. By doing so, you will be keeping the space guarded. Most burglars and thieves would not dare to get inside at such times.

These are a few of the ways you can enjoy your holiday without thinking about home security. You can devise plenty of other ways, too. However, what you choose and how you secure your home ultimately depends on your budget and choice.


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