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How Improvement of Employability Skills Can Decrease Unemployment Rates

Billions of lives have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, it has led to a huge and negative impact on the global economy. Hundreds and thousands of businesses have closed down, which has resulted in the loss of jobs and an increase in unemployment rates. With this, millions of people are at risk of losing their sources of livelihood. Thus, it’s crucial that the government, people in the labor force, and other people work hand in hand to ensure this crisis will not worsen over time.

Singapore’s Response to the Unemployment Crisis

The unemployment crisis has also affected Singapore’s booming economy. Good thing, the government knows how to implement fine-tuned programs and campaigns to avert the negative impact brought by the pandemic. Now, the country is slowly observing significant improvement in the labor force. In fact, the unemployment rate continues to decline as the country’s economy starts to recover. According to a Ministry of Manpower report, the unemployment rate has gone down by 3% in February. This may be a small percentage, but it has definitely brought hope to people, especially Singaporeans.

Slowly, business establishments are reopening, opting for employees to return to their jobs. Interested entrepreneurs are also receiving financial assistance from the government. With this, they can also provide new job opportunities for citizens. If this continues, the country will definitely overcome the unemployment crisis. Also, there will be a huge improvement in economic growth and development.

Improving Your Employability Skills to Help Improve the Economy

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Some people think that only people in the government and other authoritative figures can make a huge difference in boosting economic growth. However, in reality, ordinary citizens, especially those in the labor force, can also provide significant help in dealing with the huge economic crisis. Thus, if you are part of the workforce, you need to find various strategies that can help your country overcome major problems.

One of the best tactics to help you with this process is to make sure you enhance your employability skills. This means you must ensure you gain more knowledge and experience to help you provide positive transformations in the economy. Here are a few strategies that can help enhance your employability skills:

  • Expose yourself to a new work environment—If you are currently working at a certain company, consider finding other job opportunities, even if it’s just part-time. You can also consider working with a new employer if you can. This will help ensure that you learn how to adjust to a new environment. With this, you will know how to embrace changes, take risks and grab opportunities.
  • Gain better skills through internships—You can also improve your employability skills by looking for internships or hands-on work experiences. With this, you can learn how to enhance your abilities which will help you stand out, especially when submitting a new job application. Also, you can get certificate courses in Singapore which helps broaden your work portfolio. With this, you can gain a competitive advantage, especially if you plan to pursue an in-demand career.
  • Consider volunteering—Another effective tactic to improve your employability skills is to consider volunteering. Being able to serve and assist other people can also improve your experience as a competent employee. Volunteering also helps you get exposed to situations where you can improve non-technical skills. This includes decision-making, communication, and collaborative skills. These things can also help you deal with serious challenges and assist you in reaching your career goals.
  • Develop the passion for continuous learning—Making sure that you also have the passion for learning new things will also help you improve your employability skills. This will help teach you about humility even if you are already an expert in a certain field. Keep in mind that there are still lots of other skills and knowledge that you can learn. Thus, always aim for improvement so you can reach your maximum potential.

The COVID-19 pandemic still brings anxiousness to lots of people in the labor force. Most people still fear the possibility of losing their jobs. Others are also concerned about not being able to get excellent career opportunities because of the situation. Indeed, the pandemic remains a cause for concern.

However, you can use simple yet effective tactics to make sure you don’t get badly affected by certain economic crises. Also, you can focus on improving yourself, especially your skills and abilities. With this, you will not only help ensure career success, but you can also help the economy deal with the negative impact caused by unexpected scenarios like the pandemic.


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