Five Ways to Keep Wild Animals Away From Your Property

People in the United States have to share their lives with various animals in the wild. Almost every state in the country has at least 100,000 acres of forest land, with only a handful of states having less than that amount. So it’s likely that people would encounter some animal while out in the wild. However, it’s also possible that a wild animal might make it into your home or any property you own.

There are at least 20,000 species that are native to the United States. Although most of these animals are harmless, some can be pests that can ruin people’s property.

For example, a raccoon can easily tear open a trash can searching for food, while a deer can cause extensive damage to your garden. Unfortunately, all of these animals also have the potential to carry disease with them. Wild animals can be a source of trouble and damage to your property, which is why you need to do what you can to keep them away. Here are five ways to keep wild animals away from your property:


One of the best ways to keep wild animals away from your property is to put up a fence. A fence will create a physical barrier that animals must cross to get to your property. However, choosing any kind of fence will not do. You need a fence with composite panels. The composite panels ensure that the fence is sturdy and effective in keeping animals out. It should also be at least six feet tall to be effective.

A wooden fence that's fragile

There are also various other fencing options like electric fences and barbed wire fences, but those are not as effective as composite panel fences. Electric fences will only work if the animal touches the fence, which is not always the case. And barbed wire fences can injure the animal, which you would want to avoid.

No food or water

Another way to keep wild animals away from your property is to ensure no food or water for them. If you have a garden, ensure that all the fruits and vegetables are picked up and put away so that animals can’t get to them. You should also bring in any pet food that you leave outside. If you have a bird feeder, take it down or keep it away from the edge of your property.

You should also ensure that there are no animal water sources on your property. This means fixing any leaks and ensuring that there is no standing water. Animals are attracted to water, so removing their water source will be less likely to come onto your property.

Removing stagnant water can also drastically reduce the number of insects on your property. In addition, dangerous insects such as mosquitoes can lay their eggs in stagnant water, so getting rid of them will also benefit you and your family.

Trim the bushes

One way animals can get onto your property is by using bushes and trees to get over the fence. If you have any bushes or trees near your fence, trim them, so they do not touch the fence. This will make it more difficult for animals to use as a way to get onto your property.

Untrimmed bushes can also be a nest for some animals. They can use it to hide from you during the day and then come out at night to look for food. So by trimming the bushes, you will make it more difficult for animals to get onto your property and less likely for them to nest there.

Use lights and noises

Another way to keep animals away from your property is to use lights and noises. Animals are generally afraid of both of these things, so if you use them, it will deter animals from coming onto your property.

You can use motion-activated lights or simply leave a light on in the area you want to protect. As for noise, you can use a radio or even an air horn to scare animals away. It’s one of the cheapest ways you can keep them away from your properties without you being there.

Get a dog

One of the best ways to keep wild animals away from your property is to get a dog. Dogs are natural predators of many animals, so having one on your property will help keep animals away. And even if the animal is not afraid of dogs, the dog will still make noise and bark, which will scare the animal away.

These are five ways to keep wild animals away from your property. By using one or more of these methods, you can ensure that your property is safe from animals.


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