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Fun Ways to Keep Your Family Comfy During Summer

• Set up an outdoor movie theater to enjoy a family film in the summer breeze. 

• Have fun making smores over the fire pit with your family. 

• Host a backyard BBQ with burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and other grilled favorites. 

• Pitch some tents in your backyard and have a campout.

After a year of being cooped up, many families are looking for ways to enjoy the summer months in the comfort and safety of their own homes. From outdoor movie nights to backyard BBQs, there are plenty of ways to keep your family happy and entertained all season long. Here are some ideas for giving your family a comfortable summer at home.

Create a Backyard Oasis

Adding lighting accents such as string lights or tiki torches is a great way to make your backyard more inviting. You can also create different seating areas where your family can relax and enjoy each other’s company. You can invest in the following to ensure comfort:

  • A hammock for lazy afternoons
  • An outdoor sofa set to hang out in
  • Chairs and tables for al fresco dining

Additionally, if you have the budget, you can always install a swimming pool or hot tub for your family to enjoy. This way, you can invite other family members and friends to enjoy the fun summer activities in your backyard.

A kid using a hammock in the backyard during summer

Enjoy Good Food Outdoors

Food is best enjoyed with friends and family. It is the universal language of love. For a safe and enjoyable summer, why not fire up the grill or light some citronella candles for an outdoor dinner party with your family?

Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

For the more adventurous summer-goers, why not set up a full outdoor kitchen complete with countertops, propane burners, and a refrigerator so you can whip up gourmet meals outdoors? You can also set up other amenities, such as an outdoor pizza oven or dishwasher. This way, you won’t have to worry about running back and forth from the house to the backyard whenever you need something.

Make Smores Over the Fire Pit

One of the best things about summer is making smores over a fire pit with your family. It’s a great activity for everyone to enjoy, and it’s easy to do. All you need is graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. To make the fire pit experience even more enjoyable, bring chairs or blankets for everyone to sit on while roasting their marshmallows.

Host a Backyard BBQ

Nothing says summer more than a good old-fashioned BBQ! Set up your grill and enjoy delicious burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and other grilled favorites. You can also try grilling vegetables and fruits for a healthy option.

Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is through outdoor movies! Setting up an outdoor movie theater is easy and fun. You only need a laptop or projector, speakers, and a sheet or canvas. If it’s too hot outside, you can always set up the projector in front of an open window so your family can watch from inside while feeling the cool night breeze. Here are ways to get started and make it a movie night your family won’t forget:

Find the Perfect Place

Set up your backyard theater in a spot that’s out of direct sunlight and away from street noise. If you have a carport, that’s a great spot for an outdoor movie theater. A carport protects you and your family from the elements while providing a great place to set up a projector and speakers.

Pick the Perfect Movie

Choose a movie that everyone can enjoy. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are great sources for family-friendly movies with something for everyone. Choose a movie your family hasn’t seen or revisit an old favorite with all of you enjoying it together.

Create an Ambiance

Add some extra atmosphere by stringing up LED lights, lighting citronella candles, or using outdoor lanterns to create a cozy feel. Make sure everyone is comfortable by setting out chairs, blankets, and pillows for your family to lounge on.

Have a Campout in Your Backyard

Family backyard camping during a summer night

If you want to experience the great outdoors without leaving home, why not pitch a few tents in your backyard and have a camping trip? This way, you can let your kids explore the outdoors without having to drive too far away. Make sure you get rid of gadgets and let your kids experience the joys of the outdoors.

No matter how you spend your summer, these fun and safe ideas will surely bring much-needed enjoyment for you and your family! Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the summer months with your loved ones.


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