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Creating a Kid-Friendly Outdoor Space for Your Children

Whether your home has a lawn or a balcony, you can always create a space for little kids to play in. If you have a little one, you can build a room for them to play with their friends during playdates. For older and more independent kids, you can bring something into your backyard that’s more adventurous and, of course, safe at the same time. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to create a space for your kids to have some outdoor fun:

Building a Playground

You can definitely DIY a swing set for your children. If you have friends over a lot who also have small children, you can build a sliding house in addition. Another cute option is building a little playhouse or a castle where the kids can play pretend, such as tea parties, and playing princes and princesses.

Outdoor Playroom on a Budget

You can build a little shelter or a tent for the kids to play in your garden and bring out some toys they might like. This is perfect if you don’t have enough room inside the house for your adult guests. However, ensure that your backyard is safe enough for little kids to play on. You don’t want them running into a busy street chasing after a loose ball. A horizontal fence around your yard not only keeps them safe but also adds to your home’s privacy.

Fencing is also best if you have a vegetable garden in your backyard. It’s a way to keep clumsy and curious children from touching your plants and your compost pile, making sure it’s out of reach.

Setting Up an Arts-and-Crafts Table

Creating art starts young. Art teaches children to express themselves freely and enjoy themselves simultaneously. It teaches them movement and creativity. Aside from that, there are other benefits that art gives to kids.

You can buy a painting set or easel where children can paint freely in your yard or an arts-and-crafts table where they can create things with beads, paint, crayons, and glitter. These things are best to do outdoors so they won’t make such a mess inside your home, where it is so much harder to tidy up and clean.

Adding a Chalk Wall

Children can also express their creativity through a chalk wall. With a chalk wall instead of a board, your children can express themselves on a bigger medium, and other kids can join as well.

You can paint a chalk wall designed for outdoor use. If a wall is a little impossible, you can buy a big chalkboard and install it on a covered area, bring out a variety of colored chalks, and let the kids do their thing.

Building Them a Treehouse

There’s nothing better than a classic treehouse. This is suitable for older and more independent children who can climb up and down the ladder safely by themselves. With this, they can have some privacy from the adults for their secret fun adventures and solve problems. They can bond more intimately and create a tight friendship.

Creating a Sports Field for the Kids

sports field

There’s no question that kids do need exercise. Whether you buy them a basketball hoop, create a soccer goal, or a baseball court, they can have the exercise and fun they need. With a sports field in your home, you can already teach your son good values and attitudes of sportsmanship and professionalism.

If you feel like they seek more adventure, you can have a rock-climbing wall installed. This kind of active physical activity teaches them to conquer fears and physical strength.

Building Different Obstacle Courses with Backyard Toys

Younger kids who aren’t big enough to play sports can enjoy this. Basic childhood toys like balls, hula hoops, and jump ropes are good choices. They’re simple, easy to find, affordable, and fun at the same time.

Suppose you want more fun and games for the kids. In that case, you can organize different obstacle courses for them using tiny cones or other toys that you can find available. Not only are these enjoyable for them, but they can have a lot of exercises and avoid the chance of obesity as well.

Teaching Kids Gardening

One advantage of a garden is it will still be relevant even if the kids grow up. You can pick a garden space just for the kids to plant their first-ever vegetables or herbs. With a garden, you can teach them the sense of ownership and sometimes failure, so they can learn that life isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

Instead of stressing out being a parent to your little ones, think about all the fun things you can’t do with them anymore once they grow up. Parenting is hard, but there’s no harm in building your kids something for them to enjoy and have fun with. But of course, don’t feel obligated to install all that’s mentioned here and create what you can.


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