Pet-proof Home: Five Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are undeniably among our sources of happiness and love, and for many pet owners, they are a part of the family. However, it is important that you create a safe living space for them, as well as prevent damage to your house with them around. This is where pet-proofing your home comes along.

You can consider pet-proofing similar to kid-proofing a house. It is meant to give you peace of mind that your lovely furry friend will be roaming around in a safe environment. Pets are very curious about so many things even ones that are dangerous to so it’s an owner’s responsibility to stay vigilant and proactive. To help you maintain a happy and safe home with your pets, follow these practical tips.

Banish all the clutter


Cats love scratching things, while dogs like to chew them. Avoid getting items ripped or chewed off by having a place for everything. From your personal belongings to household items, it’s best to put them away if you aren’t using them. At the same time, you’d also want to keep your cleaning products or any type of medication in proper storage spaces to avoid your pets from digesting anything that can make them ill.

In particular, there should be no choking hazards around the house such as screws, batteries, and buttons. If you have exposed cords and wires, cover them to avoid your pets from getting strangled or electrocuted. If it’s not chew-safe, it should not be easily accessible by your furry friends.

Get the right trash can

Furry friends, especially dogs, love to mess around the garbage bins to find all kinds of trash, from leftover meals to food wrappers. Without a proper, pet-proof trash can, your pets will either throw out the garbage on the floor or they’ll get sick from eating something hazardous.

You can buy a pull-out trash can, which is the best solution, especially if you have a big dog. However, keep in mind that this requires under-counter space and can be pretty expensive. In case you have smaller pets, a durable metal trash bin will do. You can get ones with step-on lids for a much cheaper price.

Fence your outdoors


Installing a fence in your yard is another perfect solution for keeping your pets safe. You can prevent them from running off the street or going out during unfavorable weather conditions. If you have a garden, you’d definitely want to put up some sturdy wooden fence so your pets won’t mess around with your crops and flowering plants.

Doing so also prevents your pets from eating off toxic plants that are dangerous for them such as daylilies, azaleas, daffodils, and some ferns. In case you have a swimming pool, installing an aluminum pool fence panel would be best. This obviously prevents your pets from jumping off the pool and drowning.

Keep your doors close

This tip is fairly simple but a very important one. As you probably already know, our furry friends love roaming around the house and messing things up, especially if you have an active dog or cat. With that in mind, it is best to keep the doors of every room in your home, especially your bedrooms or home office. Untrained pets, particularly dogs, have a reputation for peeing everywhere. Surely, you don’t what to be changing linens or bed sheets every single day, right?

Give them their own space

dog relaxing

If you have pups and kittens in your home, you probably see them sneaking up on open cabinets, dryers, or other tiny corners. To prevent them from seeking refuge just about anywhere, carve out a space just for them. Set up a cozy bed with chew-safe toys and a water and food source. Up the game by add enough storage for their accessories.

Apart from that, you can build a pet area in your mudroom with door access so that they can easily run off and enjoy the outdoors. Also, if you’re planning to place toys in their space, opt for sturdy ones. You can look for interactive treat types that can stay as a single piece and won’t break into tiny parts. Most of these are made from high-impact plastics.

With these simple steps, you can raise your furry family members in a safe and healthy environment and not worry about the mess in the house as well. Pet-proofing your home can surely be a daunting task but it does minimize the risks of your pets getting sick or hurt. Transform your house from a danger zone to a safe and fun place for your furry friends today.


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