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The Reasons Behind The Struggles of Single Parents in The U.S.

  • The number of single parents in the U.S. is rising, with single mothers heading the majority (80%).
  • The financial strain of raising a child independently can be challenging to manage.
  • Lack of support and limited access to childcare can cause further difficulty.
  • Workplace discrimination toward single parents is expected.
  • Legal challenges can be complex and require professional help when needed.

It’s no secret that parenting is harsh, but it becomes incredibly challenging when you’re going at it alone. Single parenthood is becoming increasingly common in the U.S., which means more people are struggling to make ends meet, raise their children, and find a work-life balance that leaves them feeling fulfilled. Raising children independently is hard, and single parents’ struggles often go overlooked.

Number of Single Parents in The U.S.

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The number of single parents in the U.S. is rising. There are about ten million single parents in the U.S.; single mothers head more than 80% of them. An estimated one in four children lives with a single parent, up from nine percent in 1960.

Single parenting can be emotionally and financially draining for those doing it alone. Here’s why they are struggling today:

Financial Strain

One of the biggest challenges single parents face is the financial strain of raising a child independently. With only one income, it can be challenging to make ends meet, pay for childcare, and still have enough left over to enjoy life. Single parents often find themselves working multiple jobs, sacrificing their needs, and struggling to save for the future. To make matters worse, some single parents have difficulty accessing financial assistance programs due to complicated eligibility requirements, limited funding, and red tape.

Lack of Support

Parenting is hard enough with a partner, but it can be incredibly isolating when you’re alone. Single parents often feel like they’re navigating uncharted waters with little help or guidance from friends, family, or their communities. Finding supportive networks can be difficult, primarily if you work long hours or have limited time and resources. This lack of support can affect mental health, leaving many single parents feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Limited Access to Childcare

Finding affordable, quality childcare can be a significant challenge for single parents. Many single parents cannot rely on a partner to share the burden of childcare, which means they must bear the total cost and responsibility of finding reliable care. Childcare can be incredibly expensive, with some parents paying upwards of about $10,000 of their income on childcare expenses. This can make working full-time or pursuing education or other opportunities challenging, leaving many single parents with limited options.

Workplace Discrimination

Single parents often face workplace discrimination, whether in the form of limited job opportunities, lower wages, or inflexible work schedules. Many employers assume that single parents are unreliable or less committed to their work, which can lead to missed promotions, fewer hours, and even termination. This can make providing for themselves and their families challenging and lead to frustration and hopelessness.

Legal Challenges

Single parents often face unique legal challenges, one of which is custody. This can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive, making it difficult for single parents to secure the legal protections and financial support they need. However, an experienced custody attorney can ensure that these cases can be more affordable to single parents who need them. They can also help single parents navigate the court system and secure favorable legal outcomes.

Tips For a Better Life as a Single Parent

Dealing with the problems above is one way to improve your life as a single parent. Here are additional tips to improve it over time:


As a single parent, your finances are of top importance. Create a budget and stick to it to better manage your money. Start by tracking your expenses, create goals for yourself, and ensure all your bills are paid on time.

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Build Your Network

Surrounding yourself with supportive people is essential, especially if you’re a single parent. Look for support groups in your area or online. Also, don’t hesitate to ask family and friends for help when needed.

Prioritize Self-Care

Parenting is hard enough, but doing it alone can lead to increased stress and burnout. Make sure you take care of yourself first; find time for exercise, hobbies, relaxation techniques, or meditation. Taking time for yourself will help improve your mood and provide the energy you need to care for your family.

Seek Legal Help When Needed

Sometimes, legal challenges can be complex for single parents to face alone. It’s essential to seek professional help when needed to ensure your rights are protected. Find an experienced custody attorney who understands the ins and outs of single parenting to ensure a more favorable outcome in court.

Single parenthood is hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With careful planning and support from friends and family, single parents can find ways to navigate their unique struggles and create a better life for themselves and their families.


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