Relocating with Your Kids? What to Do Before the Big Day

While relocating is far less complex for kids than for adults, it is just as traumatic and stressful. Children feel more secure at home, as they get to sleep in their own bedrooms and play in a familiar environment with the people they trust and know. Thus, the impending uncertainty of this new chapter can be both exciting and terrifying for them.

Therefore, as a parent, your attitude toward the move will significantly impact their views and opinions.

Consider the factors

Most children survive and thrive in a healthy environment within their comfort zone and familiar routine. Therefore, when moving into a new home, assess the advantages of the transition regarding their security and comfort. This may include the playground nearby, their new school, and the community.

Apart from moving due to personal choice and potential career growth, it’s also possible that you’ve been forced to uproot your life because of reasons that are out of your control, such as a work relocation, separation, tragedy, or financial difficulties. Although you may not be pleased with the sudden change, try to have a good attitude toward it. Stress can have a significant impact on your child’s mental health and growth. Thus, it’s imperative that you stay calm and collected during these tumultuous times.

Sit down and talk

Regardless of the situation and circumstances, a good discussion is one of the most effective strategies to prepare your children for the upcoming move. Provide them with age-appropriate details regarding the state, city, or country you’re moving into. Give comprehensive and genuine answers to their questions and try to be more open and understanding of their reactions, whether positive or otherwise.

Even if the relocation results in a better quality of life for the family, children may not understand this yet. They may instead be preoccupied with the terrifying parts of the transition.

The more kids are involved in the decision-making process, such as actively taking part in finding a new home or new school, the more they feel that they are a valuable part of a unit or system. In addition, letting them voice their concerns and addressing these issues will help them feel less pressured to make significant changes. Thus, they become more receptive to it.

Also, it may be beneficial to tour your children around the new family home or neighborhood before relocating. If it isn’t possible, use the internet to educate yourself about the area. Find out where your children may engage in their favorite pastimes. You can also try to find someone who can snap photographs of your toddler’s new home and school to get them warmed up with the place.

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Start preparing months prior

Aside from notifying your kids about your relocation, you would also need to start preparing months before the move. Chances are, if it takes you significant time to walk out the door when going out with your children, it would also take you way longer to relocate with them. Therefore, plan well in advance.

Keep in mind that moving is already a stressful experience in itself. However, it will be much more difficult for you and your children if you have to rush the procedure since there isn’t enough time to do so otherwise. Take time to research moving companies in your area that would best cater to your needs. Schedule a date with them early on so that you don’t have to deal with stress later on, especially if it’s moving season.

If you have pets and you think you won’t be able to accommodate them in your vehicle, contact reliable dog transportation services to make sure they arrive safely to your destination, especially if the move will take a long ride. Don’t forget to provide them with your pup’s medicines, food, toys, and other special needs or instructions to avoid problems along the way. Scheduling will allow you to have everything arranged in advance while your children are still processing the information. Having the family pet prepared for the big move can also be a way to help your children feel less stressed about the situation. Seeing that everyone, including their furry friend, is cooperating with the move allows children to feel at ease.

As soon as you arrive, focus your efforts on getting your children’s personal things in place before organizing the rest of the home. Additionally, strive to keep your regular schedules to provide children with a feeling of familiarity. Moreover, when your kid begins school, you may wish to accompany them to meet their teachers and familiarize yourselves with the surroundings and the different routes.

Set reasonable expectations for yourself and your family during the change. Understand that children’s adjustment to new situations is not linear. Some require less time to get the hang of it, while others may need more. A relocation might offer several difficulties, but it can also bring about some positive outcomes. By turning this new leaf as a family, you may start to discover more about each other and bring you closer together and stronger than ever.


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