Thinking of Taking a Vacation? Take the Family on a Cruise!

If you are struggling to plan your next vacation, why not consider taking the whole family on a cruise?  Cruises blend relaxation, adventure, and entertainment in a way that is sure to appeal to someone in nearly any age group or with almost any interest, so are an ideal choice for family vacations.

One of the best places to start is at Prince William Sound, the magnificent natural beauty and wildlife-rich area of Alaska. Nowhere on Earth will you find this, Prince William Sound cruises marries the calm of the sea and the extreme wilderness of Alaska.

Why Choose a Family Cruise?

Variety of Activities

There are myriad options for everyone in the family to go on a cruise. The entertainment potential on most modern cruise ships goes beyond swimming pools and water slides to include rock climbing walls, mini-golf, and so much more. Similarly, most cruises offer children’s clubs and teenage lounges that provide young passengers with a variety of appropriate choices.

Convenience and Comfort

Another big benefit of going on a cruise is how convenient it is. Once on board, there is no need to pack/unpack every time you move from one destination to another. While you sleep between dinners of gourmet food, your floating hotel will travel from exciting port to thrilling port.

Prince William Sound Discovery

Majestic Scenery

For nature enthusiasts, Prince William Sound is a little slice of heaven. It is well known for its beautiful fjords, towering glaciers, and clear blue waters. Experience some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, from the deck of your ship, while cruising through Prince William Sound. Just think of diving out of bed to see glaciers calve into the sea or humpback whales breach off the side in the over yonder distance

Wildlife Encounters

The wildlife there, the Prince William Sound, are some of my favorite animals on this planet. As you cruise, be on the lookout for sea otters, seals, and more puffins and bald eagles. It is indeed among the top highlights, as orcas and humpback whales can frequently be sighted from here. Your family will believe these to be cherished moments of absolute wonder in Mother Nature.

Educational Opportunities

A cruise in Prince William Sound is not only about rest, but it is also a learning experience! Anyone lucky enough to take a cruise is schooled in the region’s geology, ecology, and history by an onboard naturalist – compliments of Holland America or Princess Cruises. This makes the trip both a joy and an education for kids, as well as adults: understanding what glaciers are, how animals adapt to cold weather, and Indigenous culture.

Planning Your Cruise

How about when you should plan a Prince William Sound cruise or which of the various cruises from lines you may wish to consider? Visit in the summer and you’ll have the highest chances of spotting wildlife in addition to some fairly moderate temperatures, as far as places like Finland go. Planning and booking in advance can also ensure you find the most competitive prices and best places to stay.

Cruising with the family, Prince William Sound is one of the gorgeous destinations that gives you a variety of experiences from excitement to peacefulness and bonding. Cruise vacations offer an experience like no other with activities for all ages to engage in, beautiful views, and plenty of learning and exploring opportunities making a vacation that will not soon be forgotten. Therefore, when planning your next vacation, think about taking the high seas on a family cruise, and make memories that will last.


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