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Being Sick: Why Your Children Experience Getting Sick Often

  • Children’s developing immune systems make them more prone to illnesses.
  • Poor sleep habits, lack of exercise, and poor diet can weaken the immune system.
  • Wash hands regularly and avoid polluted environments to reduce the risk of illness.
  • Swimming pools, air purifiers, natural disinfectants & lighting can improve home safety.
  • Invest in organic mattresses to protect from chemical flame retardants.

Nothing is more concerning to parents than a sick child. But, no matter how hygienic or careful you are, your child can still get sick. However, you might not know some surprising reasons your children might be sick. Here’s what you need to know about children’s immune systems, why they are sickly, and renovation options for your home to decrease their chances of getting sick.

The Immune System of Children

Children’s immune systems are still developing, making them more susceptible to getting sick. Children’s immune cells don’t mature until adolescence, and their bodies haven’t had as much time to build immunity against diseases such as colds or the flu. This means that children are more likely to get sick than adults, even if exposed to the same pathogens. Here are other reasons why children get sick often.

Poor Sleep Habits

Insufficient sleep can impact the immune system, especially in children. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, they are more prone to illness and infections. Establish a routine that includes strict bedtime and wake-up times, and avoid using any electronics like smartphones or tablets at least an hour before bedtime to ensure your child gets adequate sleep.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise and physical activity can lead to various health issues for your child. Many children aren’t getting enough exercise worldwide. Regular physical activity not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight but also builds a stronger immune system. Encourage your child to engage in physical activities they enjoy, like dancing, cycling, or playing sports.

Poor Diet

Fat kid at home

Unhealthy eating habits, like consuming lots of processed foods and sugary drinks, can make your child susceptible to getting sick. A balanced diet is crucial to maintaining their health. Encourage your child to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and limit their consumption of junk food and sugary beverages.

Dirty Hands

The easiest way for germs to spread is through the hands. Ensure your child washes their hands regularly throughout the day, especially before meals. Hand sanitizers can help kill harmful bacteria and viruses, but nothing beats good old soap and water. Teach your child to wash their hands properly for at least 20 seconds.

Environmental Factors

The environment your child lives in can also affect their health. Polluted air, water, or soil can make it harder for your child’s body to fight off infections. Ensure your home is free from dust, mold, and harmful chemicals, and encourage your child to spend more time outside, as fresh air can prevent respiratory infections.

Renovation Options to Decrease The Chances of Your Children Getting Sick

You can decrease the chances of your children getting sick in various ways. Here are five renovation options you should make:

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool for children

One of the fun ways to ensure your children get the exercise they need is by installing a swimming pool. This will keep your children active and help strengthen their immune systems. However, ensure that you get an affordable swimming pool design. The design should be appropriate for your family’s budget and the location of your home.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier can help reduce dust, allergens, and other microscopic particles in your home. This can decrease the chances of your child getting sick from airborne infections. You should also ensure proper ventilation in each room to maintain fresh air circulation throughout the house.

Natural Disinfectants

You should use natural disinfectants such as baking soda, vinegar, and tea tree oil to keep your home clean and germ-free. These provide an effective way to kill off any bacteria without harsh chemical cleaners.

Natural Lighting

Having natural lighting in your home will help reduce the chances of your child getting sick from indoor air pollution. Invest in window treatments blocking UV rays while allowing natural light to enter your home. This will make the rooms brighter and improve air quality in your home.

Organic Mattresses

Chemical flame retardants used on conventional mattresses can harm children as they leak out over time and cause respiratory illnesses or even cancer. Invest in an organic mattress for your child’s bedroom to reduce the risk of any health issues.

Being a parent, you want the best for your children, and their health is no exception. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your home is safe and healthy for them, such as making renovations to keep it clean and germ-free. Implementing some of these changes can help decrease the chances of your children getting sick. So do what’s best for their health and start renovating your home today.


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